Viking Celtic Germanic Music Group

We are a Viking Celtic Germanic music heritage and culture group looking to form a musical group! We are looking for talented and amature musically inclined people for regular meetups at Viking themed moots. We will be using traditional Celtic Germanic and Viking instruments and vocals to create our own music and to practice other traditional favorites.

Nickulas The MootBringer

We want to get together make music and have feasts in the Viking tradition on special days and regular days too.

We are inclusive of all people that are “true of heart” and interested in learning the Viking culture and ways of the Germanic Celtic and Slavic Tribes and Clans of years gone by.

Nature is our jamroom – We have a tepee for jamming in and a secluded private property with waterfalls, giant trees, woodlands fire circles and tasty berries when in season. Were located just a few miles south of Olympia with acreage.

Lets make some music like **Google this music video – Faun Federkleid to see what we’re talking about!

If you can play the below instruments below, sing or dance we are interested in your contribution:

The Hurdy Gurdy
Violin or Fiddle
Drums of various sizes and deep tones
Folk instruments like spoons washboard jugs bottles and cans to be considered
The lyre
The flute
The recorder
The cello
The bass
Acoustic guitars
Stringed instruments of all kinds considered

**Please no electrical instruments we intend to make only human powered music

Females especially welcome and desired as singers, instrument players, and dancers to keep the balance at a slight female majority if possible.

If you can’t sing dance or play but still love Viking culture, we may still have room for you and your talents in the great hall of our ancestors! We appreciate all you can contribute in your own special way even cooking lore and even event set up!

Touch Bases – To learn more about joining us – Please email at least 3 paragraphs about yourself, your talents and interest areas! Do you have a look? Do you have some Viking garb? Include an email and or phone number to reach you. Don’t count on craigslist email to always work!

Should you be Invited to join our Viking Music Group – We will send you an access code to access the Music Groups section here where we can post pictures, ideas, plans, lyrics and other communications related to this groups goals

“Hail to those that answer the call of the Music Within your soul!”

“Skal and blessings brothers and sisters!”

Nikulas the MootBringer