Viking Great Hall


Viking Great Hall Welcome!

Viking Great Hall is an ongoing project to build an authentic life sized and fully functioning Viking Great Hall for gathering feasting and learning about Viking Norse and Slavic traditions and culture! Join us at the Viking Great Hall Project to earn a special place in our Viking Feasts and Viking Festivals an within the Viking Heritage Skills Training Center.

Viking Heritage Skills Training Center – If you would like to learn more about Viking Norse and Slavic heritage and customs then you will enjoy the Viking Heritage Skills Training Center. The Viking Heritage Skills Training Center will be operating from within the Viking Great Hall and on the centers woodland acreage! How would like to learn how to throw a Viking ax? Yes you say, great! How would you like to learn how to become an expert at ax throwing while running through an expert ax throwers course in the woods? Even better for some! Learn Viking style animal husbandry known world over as the best homesteading systems in cold and temperate climates.

Learn blacksmithing in the Viking tradition, the same tradition that invented crucible steel and high carbon metallurgy methods. Viking knitting skills are simply amazing, and we have experts ready to teach you those techniques! Enjoy mead and song in the Viking Great Hall with people from all walks of life that love what can be experienced through a true Viking cultural immersion at the Viking Great Hall!

A Modern Viking Community of All Peoples – A brotherhood and sisterhood of people who love Viking culture and traditions coming together to each do their small part to make the Great Feasts truly great! Some will make mead, some will hunt, some will cook meats, some will cook vegetables, some will make pies and cakes, some will teach, some will sing, some will speak and some serve, but all will drink deeply from the horn of plenty!